As described throughout this strategy, urgent and large-scale change is required to improve the health of our natural resources and mitigate climate change. In addition to current activities and investment, we need to find alternative ways of doing things and new investment sources to respond to catchment drivers such as climate change, changing demographics and more diverse land use, and to reverse the declining health of the catchment’s land, water and biodiversity.

Resilient landscapes and thriving communities rely on our collective capacity to cope with change and flourish in spite of shocks or setbacks.

The development and renewal of this strategy and the Hume Regional Climate Adaptation Strategy has generated many new ideas on ways to improve catchment health, prepare for and minimise the impact of climate change and work better together.

To help get these ideas off the ground, the Goulburn Broken CMA in partnership with the Victorian Government’s Our Catchments, Our Communities and Climate Ready Hume programs funded six innovative projects in 2022. A further two projects were funded in 2023 through the Victorian Government’s Our Catchments, Our Communities Program and the Goulburn Broken CMA. An overview of each project is provided below.

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