Commuting Hills

A map of the Commuting Hills local areas in relation to the Goulburn Broken Catchment.  It occupies the south west corner of the catchment and features the mountainous urban fringe.
Figure 24: The Commuting Hills local area

Vision: The Commuting Hills has a safe, sustainable future and a great quality of life, while protecting and enhancing the wonderful natural environment.

The Commuting Hills feature the mountainous urban fringe of the southern and south-western area of the catchment (Figure 24).

Traditional Owners originally shaped the land and the many cultural sites indicate the importance of the area. European settlement later led to the clearing of land for agriculture, gold rushes, urban development and rail and road infrastructure.

Large tracts of public land and small privately owned forested land remain over much of the area. Public land use includes extensive native forests, recreation and production forestry. Private land use is typically for lifestyle properties, intensive agriculture (such as berry farming and aquaculture) and grazing on cleared valleys and slopes.

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