Upland Slopes

A map of the Upland Slopes local area in relation to the Goulburn Broken Catchment.  The Upland Slopes extends across from Mansfield to the Strathbogie Ranges and the area north of Lake Nillahcootie.
Figure 22: The Upland Slopes local area

Vision: The Upland Slopes is a climate resilient socio-ecological system, supported by a strong sense of place and pride in our engaged, knowledgeable and adaptive community.

The Upland Slopes extend across the southern hills and valleys of the catchment (Figure 22). The Taungurung were the first people of the rivers, valleys and mountains in this region and the many cultural sites indicate the importance to Traditional Owners.

Forests originally covered the hills and the valleys were open grassy woodlands. More recently, the area has been dominated by agricultural land and lifestyle properties. Natural events, such as drought and bushfires have also shaped the landscape.

Although grouped as one local area, the Upland Slopes could be separated into 2 ecological areas of the upper woodlands and the lower grasslands.

Similarly, the community is not homogeneous. It would identify as 3 social groups: the Mansfield area, the Strathbogie Ranges and the area north of Lake Nillahcootie. The area includes the towns and districts of Yea, Strathbogie, Mansfield, Warrenbayne, Alexandra and Jamieson. The community accesses services in Euroa and Benalla, which are outside the local area.

Land use is a mixt of state forests, small reserves, lifestyle properties and agriculture in the cleared valleys and slopes. Agricultural practices are dominated by grazing with some intensive agriculture such as viticulture and irrigated agriculture along waterways. Land use is changing with the introduction of different crops, such as cherries, and the growth in lifestyle properties, particularly in the Strathbogie Ranges and around the larger towns.

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